How long do I have to wait for the I-129F decision for K-1 visa after the RFE?


My fiance is a US Citizen and I’m from Indonesia. My fiance filed the petition on September 2015. He only enclosed the letter of intent to get marry and the plane tickets. So after two weeks he got a RFE (Request For Evidence) letter from USCIS, he sent the RFE documents back right away on the same day and now he enclosed:

  1. Letter of intent to marry within 90 days along with explanation of how we met and the dates when we met in person with deeper explanation.

  2. photos of our engagement including the pictures with my family together, with each description of the pictures

  3. plane tickets

  4. hotel bookings

  5. passport stamps

The online status changed to “Request For Evidence was received” on October 13, 2015 and it says that they will start working on our case again. But there is no time frame to it like “you should expect tp receive a decision by bla bla bla” like some of other people got. It only mentions that they will send the decision by mail or notify if they need anything. My fiance tried to call the Customer service but the guy on the phone said he would only talk to the lawyer while I have read some blogs that the customer service helped them answer questions without any lawyer. this is confusing!

It’s been 5 months now from the date they received the RFE documents and we haven’t heard anything about it nor the change of online case status since the last time it was updated 5 months ago. Yesterday on March 11, 2016 my fiance sent an online inquiry about ''processing time longer than expected" and then there was a computer generated message on the screen saying that they will review the inquiry and process it, and letting us know that the reply about the inquiry would be expected by April 2, 2016.

Now I’m worried and scared to death if it would take so long for them to make a decision out of it. I have read so many blogs about RFE and they usually got the decisions really fast. This is really frustrating. What should I do? It’s such a pain to wait for uncertain thing that only God knows how long it would take.