How long can i stay in US if H4 expires and wife's H1B already extended


My wife stays in US and i travel back and forth between India and US for the time being. I have a H4 which is expiring on Aug 30, my wife has already got her extension on H1. I will be travelling to US on 27th Aug and returning sometime in Sept that is sometime after the Visa expires.

Will that be a problem? How long can i stay in US if my H4 expires though spouse’s H1B is valid?

When you enter US in Aug, carry copy of wife’s latest extended 797. The PoE officer should then issue I-94 based on that extended date, and you will be allowed to stay in US until that date. It is ok if your visa expires while you are still inside US.

Next time you travel outside of US, you will have to get H-4 visa stamped. Most likely you will be eligible for dropbox submission.