How long can I extend for H1B Stamping process


I have got H1B petition approved this year. I have received form I797. The petition validity dates shown in this form are from 10/01/2016 to 06/15/2019. So my query is how long can I extend to apply for the process of Visa Stamping and If I extend are there any consequences occurring.

Also If I apply for visa stamping and then I get the visa then will its validity time will be same as that mentioned in I797. Also please suggest me which way is better to extend. Should I apply late for stamping itself or go for stamping , get the visa and then wait till the time I want. Thanks.

Not sure what you are trying to extend here.

You can appear for stamping anytime during the petition validity period. Whenever appearing, you should have more recently dated documents.

If granted visa, you should be given visa for the same term as the petition.

The petition can be extended for more time until you have spent 6 years inside US on H-1.

I wanted to ask whether there is any mandatory time frame to go for the process of stamping or can I go for stamping any time between the petition validity dates as I dont want to go to US immediately. And also I wanted to know that should I postpone stamping process or complete the stamping process and then go to US whenever wanted.Which way is better.

Ok. The first part is already addressed in my previous response.

You should appear for stamping whenever you have the relevant work documents. For example, if you will be working for a client project then appear for stamping when you the relevant project docs.