How important are the Grades?

Hi all,

I got selected in the lottery this year, and I would like to know whether they care about the grades I got or not .
I got two Master degrees( one in my speciality, and the other is more general ) . I got very good grades in my speciality and shitty grades on the other courses. Do they care about it ? If my speciality is Computer Science, will they look at the grades I got in Macroeconomy or Mechanics of Materials? I hope they will just look at the titles of the master s degrees and not further.

In my country all elite schools provide general programme to their students, I did not have the choice and I had to choose this general program .

Grades are not relevant but your specialty is. It depends on what you have to show how you are uniquely skilled. It is not always the gradebook that proves your skillset, could be more like an experience letter, or description of specialty projects.

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