How H1B visa holder get Job in USA from India

Hello RedBus2US,

I am working in India, I have worked in USA for 2 years from employer A and having valid 797 up to next 1 year. I am not sure when employer A will send me back to USA.

Can I get a job in USA from India by finding a new employer (USA based) who is willing to transfer my H1B ?
Will I be visiting again to stamp my visa ?
Are there legal challenges on finding USA job from India by own, does is make H1B at risk ?

Thanks for your support.

Yes, you can do that.
yes, you can go for new stamping, if the visa has expired. If not expired, you can use the old one to re-enter US.
No risk as long as you have a proper role at a company and there is no fraud. Read below

Hi Kumar,
I was working in usa for 2.5 yrs and came back to india in 2019. My I94 is valid till march 2021. Can I travel again on the same stamping if I get a new job with a different employer. Currently I’m not working .