How genuine and reliable is MavrickIT as H1B sponsor?

They offer for 60k USD / year or if we go with other client then consider 70-30% ratio.
They also offer to provide lodging and boarding facility if/till on bench.
Can anybody share experience?

What about bench salary? How will you maintain your status on bench?

No bench salary I think, but I’ll confirm about that.
Sorry, don’t get you about maintaining status on bench?
They said they will sponsor for food during that time also.

To stay in USA legally you need to have a pay slip for every single month from your employer.

ok, that’s a good point. I’ll confirm about that too!
Thank you.

I got same offer from MavrickIT. I have some doubts. They are not taking my technical interview and I don’t think so any one hire employee without interview.
I meet Mavrick local consultant at ahmedabad but can not convince with his answers.