How does USCIS is going to process duplicate H1 petetions for FY 2018? What does duplicates actually mean?

For FY 2018 I have filed H1 from two independent employers Employer A (with job role - Pilot) and Employer B (wlith job role Air Host) and my both H1’s got picked up. I heard some news saying that this year USCIS is going to scrutiny duplicates so I want to know does my situation falls under duplicate H1B petition?

I am planning to go a head and process my two H1 petitions and later I could withdraw any one depending on the situation, Can I process my both H1’s at the same time?

Could you please let me know how does USCIS considers 2 petitions to be duplicate does they check by petitioner name or by any other factors?

Quick response is appreciable and Thank you in advance.

Duplicate is if the same employer files 2 petitions for you, to increase your chances in the lottery.