How do i take transfer?

I got my visa approved for Indiana State University and after landing in US i found that being a Sikh i am not able to live over here due to unawareness. So i want to transfer to SanFrancisco State University. I have my i20 for the same semester. How can i get my transfer even without attending first semester. Cause my situation is going worse day by day.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I hope you are able to transfer soon. It is unfortunate that people are still unaware of such things. And you are in state whose governor may become VP of the country :frowning:

SF is much better, much more accommodating and accepting.

Good luck!

The reality is that you need to report to first school and then get SEVIS transferred. You need to speak to DSO at Indiana Univ and then make proper transfer to SFO by working with both DSO. Any mistakes in the process can jeopardize your F1 status and you can get into trouble.