How do I know my filing status?

My filing is all done by attorney and with the help of employer. But I did not get any information from the employer or attorney yet. I would like to know the status of my filing. Can you please provide the information of my filing or any other way to find the status.

No Other way, they must tell u if it cleared lottery

Else U need to file Freedom Of Information Request to USCIS, they wil send u a CD with information in 3 months (if they have ur details, if selected in lottery)

When you say “they must tell u if it cleared lottery”.
Can you tell me here who are “they” in your reply?
you mean Attorney/Employer/USCIS people?
Can I send email to attorney to know the status?

They means Employer/Attorney…
USCIS never contacts U directly

Ok Thanks RaNa.

Can I send an email to Attorney asking for the status and will they already know the status of lottery as of today?