how do i justify my 2 year Gap in f1 visa?

I have completed my sen sec education in 2014 and have done only basics of computer with the help of home material and all the resources available like initernet etc. How can i smartly justiy it during my f1 visa?

I am going for Bs in CS at Indiana State University?

You really need to tell the truth of having break. Do not try to fabricate something, you will miss the conviction to answer properly. students take all sorts of breaks for various reasons…nothing to worry, be confident and say the reason that you took break. it is positive sign that you are planning to continue education…so, should be fine.

I to have gap, but i met with an accident during my graduation , later i was working in the same field and cleared my graduation in single attempt, but how do i justify, coz it looks very negative that i started my grad in 2008 and cleared in 2016. i am worried please help does it effect my F1 visa.