How did my Latest i94 record suddenly go missing now seeing an older one? What impact on my visa renewal?

I reentered the US on 18th April 2016, left on July 10th and reentered on 22nd July 2016. Up until 12th August (last I checked), my i94 records online were perfect. I left the US for work again on 14th August 2016. Now, When I go to, it now shows my most recent i94 as April 18 2016 and the July 22nd i94 is just not showing up either on its own or on travel history. I am scheduled for a drop box visa renewal next week in my home country and am concerned about the situation. Please help and advise!

I have printed copies of both the 22nd July i94 (when the system wasnt screwed up and was showing correctly until few days back ) and 18th April! I also have tickets booking etc. I called up cbp’s deffered port authority and the officer said the 22nd July one isn’t showing up as I left the country on 14th August. That doesn’t make sense as going by that logic even the April 18th one shouldn’t show up either!

Is anyone else out of their country and seeing that their i94 from their previous arrival is missing and the previous-previous (second last) arrival is showing instead?