How can i receive receipt number for fresh H1B if Company is not providing?


My company ( Top 5) is not providing me the receipt details on the name of process and policy. How can i get this receipt number since USCIS toll free number is asking if i do have employer on call then only they can provide me details.

Application was filied on May 25th @ CA



I have the same case, My employeer is also in Top 5 IT majors.

There is no way that you can get the receipt number either without involving your employer or attroney. Most of the IT majors give the receipt number, except for small desi consultants. Some of the desi consultants don’t give any receipt number.

Also do not call USCIS often, sometimes they suspect you and put your application on hold. I have seen such instances.

There is no other way, I assume company has not filed your petition - Why can’t they provide the number or it’s already denied. Good luck!

Wish us Good Luck

The Concern department has said its still under initial review

wish me luck, finger cross

Hi Veer,

Any update, have you received the no.? how do you get to know its under initial review without getting receipt no.???

i had asked to my IT company and they have reverted with answer by saying “They have received receipt #, and its under initial review”

Hi All,

My Company has updated me status for H1b.

Filing date @ last week of May and Approval notification last week of September. let see how things will go now…

Thanks for help…

Veer so you got your petition approved???

Yes, as per Company notification it says Approved on last week of September