How can I get my h1B stamping rejected

I am in US with h1B extended. I want to go back to india but my employer is not aggreeing to release me. I am going to india on leave for 2-3 weeks and will have to go through stamping process.

Can I do something in my stamping interview or answer some questions in such a way that my stamping is rejected? In this case I can stay in India.Obviously I can not tell them to reject directly as my employer will come to know about this.

Basically I need to know the reasons on basis of which consulate rejects stamping.

I am very concerned that your employer is holding you against your will which is unlawful. You can speak with your State’s Labor Department regarding this matter. Preventing your from leaving or demanding cash in lieu of a bond are not legally permissible. Do not attempt to hurt your own chances at an interview, this will impact your future career plans.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,