How are Wages level determined while filing new LCA?


I am wokring in US on H1B visa, my LCA is old and i was promoted last year.

My role defined during filing the petition doesn`t match with what i do. I spoke with my manager and he agrees, i am looking to get a New LCA which would have revised salary, as i am aware as per LCA wages defined on below link, there are 4 bands of salaries which can be offered to me by my employer.

I am currently on Level 1 wage, can it be changed to Level 3 wage by  my employers immigration team? Please put light on the process here and what are the criterias to file LCA as per the wages Level.


Can you please put some light whats the  process




If the employer agrees, they can pay you higher salary even w/o changing the LCA. LCA just lists down minimum salary and it is ok not to revise it as long as your duties don’t change by more than 50%.

So if you are an associate and get promoted to developer, then they can just give higher salary and not change LCA.

If LCA is indeed amended, then they should file for H-1 amendment as well.