How are people getting jobs!? I have good education and qualifications

I have a good grade bsc in information and communication technology and almost 2 years experience. Applying for IT jobs in the DC area n no one wants to sponsor. How gave 65k people got jobs already. Annoying cos I want to live with my American gf as I’m from UK.


or ask your current employer to file H1B and get transferred to USA.

FYI - H1B quota for this year is complete. SO earliest you can apply is Apr 1, 2014 for FY 2015 quota. All the best!

Looks like you want a job only in DC. If so, go through past filings to see what locations were in and around DC and then approach those employers.

65K petitions may have been filed, but you never know how many or how little were from DC unless you go through the LCAs.