Holding stamped H1B and travelled once and now in India

I am holding valid H1B from company A here in India and travelled through company A in 2017 for 8 months and came back to India.

  1. Now I want to travel to USA after leaving company A and hunt for new job in usa without informing them through my previous invite letter and all other document , so I wanted to know if there is any risk involved in travelling and search job in USA after reaching there?

Yes, it is risky. You need to find an employer in India transfer your visa, then move to USA, where you have an actual job to join on arrival.

Using previous employer’s letter and travelling without their knowledge would put you under the risk of deportation and getting banned from entering the country in future. The immigration officials may start questioning you based on documents and may dial up your previous employer for details.
Always do what is right, don’t do anything illegal that may cause you trouble in future.

Thanks for your reply!
If I want to switch to new employee from company A here in India then I just have to do visa transfer and get cap exemption or amendment is also mandatory after transfer?

And how much time does transfer and cap exemption takes?