Holding H1-B stamped visa, expires on 30th Sep 2015.


I have stamped H1-B visa initiated by my employer from account A. Its expiration date is 30th Sep 2015. Now account A is refusing to send me since they don’t have the requirement. Now I want totravel from account B.

Please help me with the process that I need to follow. I have heard of amendment, which takes 4-5 months. But my visa will expire on 30th Sep.

My questions are as:

  1. In case I switch my company, will my future company buy my visa or it will get cancelled?

  2. I heared that even though my visa expires, I don’t have to face the lottery again for 6 years. Is it true?

  3. If in case I am not able to travel till Sep 2015, then what will happen.

  1. Other company can transfer your visa

  2. You don’t need to go thru lottery for 6 years from sep 2015.

  3. Nothing happens, you just need to find any other employer who can file cap-exempt/transfer for you

Thanks RaNa,
Can u plz tell what is Cap-exempt process? and what is amendment process?

Cap-Exempt is using your existing H1 to file a new one without going thru lottery…
Amendment is done when you are on job in US and there is a material change in job (like change in job location, change in designation, change in salary or change in job