Holding F1 visa have any impact on H1-B?

I’ve applied for study visa, F1 for Spring 2014 and got approved also. But I did n’t travel to US due to some personal reasons. I’m now planning to apply H1B for the April 2014. I possess 5 and half years of software experience.

My question is, does the F1 stamp have any impact in getting H1-B visa approved? And in general, does US F1 visa have any impact on any country’s work Visa to that matter? Like for Singapore,Japan New Zealand…?

Please help me getting clarified.



F-1 visa should not impact your H-1 processing.

Thanks for answering my question Saurabh.
Does any question raised in H1 interview regarding F1?
Like, the interviewer may ask the reason for not travelling with F1?

They may ask and you should respond truthfully. It is ok if your plans changed and you decided not to utilize the F-1 visa.