Hi There, Its urgent please help. I am on H4 and I am going to India for H1b stamping.

Hi There, I need a urgent help of you people. I am on H4 now, I was working in India and was searching for US job as my spouse was planning to travel US on H1, so one company has file my H1b when I was still in India. But after filing I went to US in April only with my spouse. My H1b visa has got approved now and I am going to India for H1b stamping.

Ques 1: What type of questions will be asked to me in Visa interview?

Ques 2: What to say about H4 to H1 status transfer if they ask me?

Ques 3: What all documents I need to provide them?

Ques 4: If my H1b get rejected or something. Will I be able to return on my old H4 status ? My H4 is valid till June 2016.

The advantage of travelling abroad to apply in a new visa class has an advantage that even if you get rejected for H-1B, the H-4 stays valid for travel and status.
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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu