Help with a question on the DS160 visa application

The specific question is: “Address where I will be staying in the US?”

My predicament here is that I intend to hike the pacific crest trail so wont have a fixed address. Would it be a viable alternative to write a friends address (US address) and have them forward me any mail on the trail (or simply just tell me what it says?


You require a legally locateable address in the United States. All forms must have this address including the one you will fill before landing. If using a friend’s address, they must be made aware of your whereabouts. This is for your safety and protection.

In that case, if you know the community office address or leasing office address, i would recommend to keep that and for what ever reason during interview time, if they asks about mention the same reason as you haven’t got the actual address or something like that. In case if you booked any hotel for initial stay, i can recommend to keep that hotel/motel address. It won’t make any harm.