Help! Query regarding H1B visa filling!

Hello all,

I need your help regarding H1B visa filling

I am on F1-Opt currently working for a contract to hire company who is applying my H1B visa for the year 2019.
The problem is I might have to move state in the month of May and may have to change job as the current employer doesn’t have clients in the new location.

Is it possible to change employer when the H1B filing is in process? Or do I have to wait until I get the approval receipt?

Your current status is NOT H1B (OPT/Stem Extn) right? You will be on this status till your First H1B is approved right? If so, why you are worried about your status while H1B is in pending status, Your pending H1B has nothign to do with your current location. You must be working AT the H1 location after its approval and you start on that status only.