HELP Needed!! Is it possible for H1B Visa application transfer?

Currently im woking at A company with my OPT which will be expire on JUNE 3.2015

My employer and her lawyer sent out H1B visa application on April 1st, but she decided to close office because of financial problem. She told me she will laid off everybody as part-time except me ( because i told her i can’t work with part time), However, She can;t guarantee how long she can pay me salary.

and I think i need to find new job as soon as possible.

but i am worrying because, i don;t know that I got picked in lottery or not… and my OPT expires on June 3 which is only a month left…

My employer urge me to find a job (of course i want too), and she said visa processing is transferable.

Im wondering is really possible to transfer? even thought i don;t know any result?

I have an interview with other company but didn’t tell them i can work only a month because i don;t know the result yet.

And is there any other ways thay new employer can help me to stay longer than June 3 then they can filling new H1B visa application for me?

My job is graphic designer and i heard that my major is not in category of opt Cap-gab…

please help me…