Help needed H1B stamping


I entered US on Jan 2015, applied H1 through consultancy. Due to family emergency I traveled to India in august when my H1b was in process. I got my petition approved but change of status was not approved because of my travel so I came to India for stamping now and i got project in US but didn’t get client letter because of company policy but I got all my other documents from petitioner. I have bachelor degree and 5+ experience in MNC’s in India

My Questions:

is I539 required for me?

During interview Visa Officer will treat my case as normal H1B or any special case?

Will there be any problem because i’m not working from past 1 year (I was on H4)

In my I797B they mentioned as Chennai consulate, and is given that if the candidate is applying at a consulate other than the one mentioned in the petition, they should apply for Form I-824.
I’m thinking to go to Hyderabad consulate. Do i need to apply form I-824?

  1. 539 is not needed as your COS was abandoned. 539 is needed only if you are inside US and want to file COS

  2. It’s a normal H-1 petition, nothing special

  3. While you are inside US on H-4, you are not expected to work. So it is fine. As long as you are qualified for the offered position, your unemployment won’t matter

  4. You can appear in Hyd w/o any additional paperwork.

Make sure your client location is covered in original LCA and I-129. If not, new LCA and H-1 amendment needs to be filed before you appear for stamping.

Thanks for the reply. I will book my appointment.