having aeronatical background and 3 years exp in IT field. impact of choosing ms in aeronautical in visa intrvw


i have completed my bachelors in aeronautical and after that due to family constraints i accepted job in an IT company. In order to support my family i worked in tht field for 3 years. Now iam confused whether to apply for Masters in aeronatical or masters in computer science. If i apply for masters in computer science i will get alot of pre requisities and i will get probationary admit which i heard is very dangerous. And since my background is aeronautical iam scared whether i can take up theoratical cs aspects since my knowledge is practical and i have done java development only . So iam planning to apply for masters in aeronautical. Does my IT experience will cause problem in visa since im going back to masters in aeronautical? What to do ? Shal i need to apply to masters of cs to avoid this? need suggestions . full too confused girl

No, as you have bachelors in Aeronautical, you have a strong case to prove why you are applying in the same field for Masters.

You can always say that though you worked in IT industry, you were always inclined to your core interest which is Aeronautical and want to get an advanced degree in that field.

what else can i say if vo ask why aftr 3 years exp in software iam going back to aero? . Any strong answer or suggestion is highly appreciated … in need of your help and advice :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Answer any shift in work area questions strongly if asked.

“The field of aeronautical engineering is governed by Information Technology. I have now gained enough experience in IT to now specialize in my original field of study with a expanded perspective, hence the decision.” I agree with Cartman. Also you have a weaker case for CS than for MS in AE.

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