Have Valid US F1 Visa but my i-20 got terminated.

As per my case, I got admission for spring, 2016 Intake, based on the I-20 issued from college, I had attended visa interview and got a valid Visa. And due to some reasons I didn’t make time to attend for Spring, 2016 Intake, then later I differed my admission to Summer,2016 but college has denied to give admission for Summer, 2016 Intake.

Based on above information, kindly let me know?

  1. Should I attend Visa interview again or it’s not necessary.
  2. Can I enter US with the other I-20 from other college.
  3. Can I transfer my Sevis to other college.
  4. My visa is issued on January-4-2016, within how many days/months I can enter US with this Visa.

It’s very urgency, your’e valuable and accurate information/advice regards my case will help me.

Hi Shravan,

I have answered your questions

  1. No a second visa interview is not needed

  2. Yes, you can enter US with a second I-20 from a different university

  3. Yes you can transfer Sevis record

  4. There is no limit on reentry date, visa should be valid and have 6 months remaining.

Best wishes

Dr, Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmailDOTcom

It’s my pleasure to Thank …Dr,Sandeep Shankar & Redbus2US for youre valuable advise regards my case/query.