have valid H1 travelled to US & returned now have H4 stamped


I have a valid US H1B visa expiring on 1st Oct 2013. I had travelled to US on H1 in 2011 for 8 months and returned to India in Nov 2011. Recently, I had got H4 visa also stamped valid till 2015. So, currently, I have both H1 & H4 visas valid in my passport (My H1B visa was not cancelled out when H4 was issued).


Can I now travel on my H1B in Aug 2013 ? Is my H1B still valid for travel since the latest visa stamped was H4?


Please reply. I am worried and confused here.



You can travel on H-1 if

  • your visa stamp has not expired

  • your petition has not expired

  • the H-1 employer still wants to hire you in US