Have job offer but can I use OPT from 1st Master's?

Hi, after graduating from my MS, I took up 2nd master’s immediately after graduating from 1st masters (I did not use my OPT). I have another year to finish my 2nd master. I have a job offer from a company which is willing to file my H1B but H1b cap for 2013 has reached already so they cannot file for my h1 this year. Can I use my OPT from my 1st MS now and work for the company on OPT until they file my h1 next year?

Thanks in advance!

If you have availed your OPT under your Masters quota. Doesn’t matter whether, it is 1st masters or 2nd or 100th. You are not eligible for another year.

Thanks for the reply but I have never applied for OPT before. I got into 2nd degree immediately.

Talk to your international office in your school. The DSO will help you to get the EAD card. Generally it takes 3 months to get the card.

You are certainly eligible for an OPT since you didn’t use it last time. But I think you can’t avail your OPT until you are close to finishing your degree requirements(confirm with ISO). Probably the best option for you is to apply for a CPT and work on it.Your CPT can be extended upto a year in which case you won’t be eligible for an OPT but guess that would get you till the next filing season. Like Dankest indicated you need to talk to your Int advisor

Thank you for the helpful answers. This job is not in my state and I cannot go out-of-state on CPT during Fall/Spring semesters. I spoke with ISO people and they say that I cannot go on OPT until I graduate from my 2nd masters (or nearing graduation). Is there any other way for me to take up this job? Please advice.

Usually for CPT requirement during the academic year there is a go around but your school should be willing to help out - sometimes if the hiring company is a regular hiring partner of your school, what they do is register a student for a project credit/research credit during the sem and the student gets to work FT as part of this deal but I am not sure how far your school is willing to go…