Have H4 visa - looking for right option to get H1B / L4 etc

Dear wonderful advisers / helpers -

I would like to thank redbus2us team/helpers for an outstanding job here to help many confused people to give directions to chose right path and helping to prepare for many situations!!! truly an hatsoff .

Right now I am confused and need help - Please take your valuble time and guide/advise me.

At present I have H4 visa and I'm working in India.Never been to USA but my Spouse (H1B) is in USA working for client from March'12.

I am working for my present employer from last 6 yrs and I have in total 9 yrs of working experience in India on IBM Mainframe technology. In this journey - once I have been to Germany on business Visa.

Now - I am planning to go USA and get work visa. We are doing lot of research like - H4 -> H1B COS transfer; plan to for MBA/MS on H4 or F1 etc. but really difficult to take a decision.


So I need your sincere advice(s) -

	H4 to H1B COS – Suppose if I come in March13, I need to be idle until Oct’13. If I get the visa approval fine then I need to coneren about only getting job in Mainframe technology.

Else it will be very difficult for me to get job in India when I come back.

Is it safe to try this option? As I need to consider my technology for job search

	Asking my present employer in India to apply H1B for me next year and then search opportunity within the company. But this option has very lean hope for me.

Even if I get H1B next year through my current employer, I’m not positive on getting onsite opportunities after observing the situation within the company.

So I feel it is not a good idea to hold my spouse in USA based on this option. Any advise please

	Someone suggested to my spouse to transfer H1B to L1 so that I can get L2, where I too can work. Please advise me the possibilities, hurdles etc.. here!!


	Dropped the idea to go for MBA as I don’t have time to prepare for GMAT. MS is not right one for me, I suppose..

In anticipation of your advise....

Currently the market situation is quite bad. Expecting for revival soon. You can travel on H4 and get it converted to H1. While you are in H4 you can analyse the market and get your offer. Hope this should be fine. Converting your wife’s H1 to L1 is not a good solution.



Thanks Vivek for prompt response.