Have H1B and Permanent Residency petition I140 approved. Under what Visa can I do MSc degree?

Because of the immigration intent that the permanent residency application carries I cannot obtain F-1. The university is not ready to transfer my H1B to them from my current emplyer.

I-94 is stamped valid until 2017.

What other options are available to go to school with a green card in the process.(priority date is 2012)

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You dont need to transfer to F1 or neither you need to transfer your H1 to University.because one can go to school when having valid H1 status from any employer and you dont need anything except your passport and visa stamp in it to get in too program

Thank you for the reply!

For a full time Master program I will need to terminate my employment. This would mean that my H1B visa is invalid, as far as I understand. If I do not plan on exiting US could I just stay with the I-94, or is the I-94 going to be invalid if I do not work for my employer anymore?