Have both B1 visa & H1b visa and currently in India


I have both B1 visa and H1b Visa from my current employer. I never travelled on my h1b visa till date. I do not have SSN also. My H1b is valid from Oct 2011 to Oct 2014 (My H1b is stamped in my passport).

B1 is valide til June 2020.

Now my question is.

  1. My current employer does not have any opportunities so i am looking for new employer. I got new employer. They asked me to travel to USA on B1. Is it safe to Travel to USA on B1 when having valid H1b (Valide from oct 2011 to Oct 2014).

  2. They told me, once i am in USA, they will file for status change from B1 to H1b and new petition. In this case, i do not have to travel out of the country as i am holding valid visa. They told me i do not have to go for stamping again. But i may have to go out of the country and enter to have the valid I-94. Is it correct?

  3. Will i face any problems if i follow this approach?

  4. Will there be any issues related to SSN. I am assuming i can apply for SSN only after the petition is approved.

  5. Without SSN, can they apply for new h1b petiton/H1b trasfer in my case.

Kindly let me know your views on this.

Thank you