Has the premium processing applications lottery pick already over?

My employer has applied h1 with premium processing for 4 employees among which 3 got receipt number on Apr 28,2016 but I dint receive. Does this mean that my application is rejected? Also I saw ur blog in which it states that anyone in premium processing will receive receipt number not later than Apr 28 does that mean no one under premium processing will receive receipt numbers post Apr 28?
And on may 12 we will get approved/ rejected status so in this case is my application already rejected? Or is there any possibility of my application being picked?


3 out of 4 picked! That’s amazing. No, your application isn’t rejected. You must wait till 12th May.

But you need to stay positive to win this lottery!

All the best!

Could you check the date on the received confirmation receipts of your friends?

12th May is deadline. you should have receipt before 12th or else better luck next time.