Had H1B Visa from 07-2010, came back to India. Want to go back.


I had H1b visa from '07 to 2010, and I worked upto Feb 2010. I came back to India then and working here. I don’t know whether it has been revoked or not. My current employer is ready to file H1b.

  1. Can I use the old H1b approval to get it transfered to the current employer?

  2. Can I come under cap-exempt?

  3. If I dont come in cap-exempt, then my employer can file under Advance degree cap as I have Master’s from USA.


  1. Yes, you should be able to use the old approval.

  2. Yes, you are cap exempt as you already had H1B.

  3. Well, it does not really matter. It is one and the same.