H4B to start a subsidiary in USA


I am on H1B VISA and my spouse is on H4. My spouse has a business in India since 2008. We want to open a LLC or a company in USA as a subsidiary of the one in India. What would be our next steps.

Your spouse position on the company should be a non-fiduciary position. It should be an honorary board member with voting rights only. The LLC will need a legal F.E.I.N, or a T.I.N. or a DNB# which an H-4 cannot possess but an H-1B can. You can plan to open the company yourself and give executive ‘hire and fire rights’ to your spouse. It must state clearly that the spouse is not being paid within the US or receiving funds from any sources. Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmaildotcom; wwwdothopeforhumanityglobaldotorg