H4 Working Possibilities

Hi Everyone,

My husband’s H1 got stamped this year 2016, yet to travel US.

My H4 also got approved at the same time.
I just want to know when I can start working in US. I heard about the EAD document for H4 visas, but not getting clear information regarding that.

Please help me with this.

Thanks in Advance,

Thanks for the answer. On more doubt, does this process depends on my husband’s years of stay in US(As my husband is about to travel US this december on his H1)??

Thanks in Advance

So does this mean, I’m eligible to file
I-765 ??

Did your husband filed for Greencard? Not all h4 dependents are eligible to work. Greencard should be applied for your husband and your husband should have i140 approved. then you are eligible to apply for i765(h4 EAD). But getting i140 approval roughly takes 1 year