H4 Visa Wait time


I’m currently in India. I want to get my H4 visa appointment. I was looking at wait times and all over India we have long wait time(around 2-3months).

  1. Can I get my H4 stamping done outside India (Eg., Columbo, Bangkok)

  2. If I pay my H4 fee in India Rupees, Is it valid all over India ? Can I reschedule appointment location from one place to another (ex: Hyd to Mumbai)

  3. If I pay my H4 fee in India Rupees, Is it valid outside India?

  4. What can be other options if I want to travel asap.


  1. Some people have suggested that Dubai and Colombo are ok, but I haven’t heard any experience of someone doing so successfully or not.

  2. Yes, fees is same for each consulate in India.

  3. No. Once you decide the consulate, you have to go to their site and see what the process/fees is. The fees is same across consulates in India but not outside.

  4. (1) involves spending extra money, but that is the fastest approach at the moment, if successful.