H4 Visa Travel when Principal Applicant Changes Job

Hi All,

I’m currently in US on an H1B Visa. My Wife residing in India had her H4 Stamped. For Personal reason she could not travel immediately. Now i’m currently planning to switch jobs. I got an offer from another Employer.

Can my wife still travel with old Visa stampede with Previous employer petition as principal applicant. Does she still need to appear in US Consulate for Stamping H4 Visa again.

Can some throw more light on this. Do i need to wait in changing Jobs until my wife joins me in US,

She doesn’t need to appear for another H-4 visa stamping. If you move to new employer then send her latest employment documents (offer letter, 797, payslips, employer information etc) which she can show at PoE when landing in US.

Hello…I am in a similar situation now got my H1 transferred and joining the new employer next week…My wife H4 with the new employer is not filed basically the I-539 extension is not yet filed and I don’t want to start it now because that takes 2 - 3 months…from your comment looks like she doesn’t have to go for visa stamping…but at POE can she enter with the old H4 stamped and my new 797…baring in mind that my old employer may/ may not cancel my H1 after I move out…

Hello…Please let me know what you did…

See my response to your other post.