H4 VISA status -Administrative Processing- at Hyderabad

My wife and Kid have attended H4 VISA interview today (6/20) morning at Hyderabad. the interview went well and they did not ask more questions except the below ones…

  1. One which VISA you travelled earlier

A. L2

  1. Which comp…

A. she said the previous comp name.

  1. Is this extension to L2?

A. No

  1. Who is your husbands new employer?


  1. What is the pay your husband is getting?

A. xxx

  1. Who is your husband’s client?

A. xxxxx

  1. What is the work he does in new employer?

A. Software developer…

Then VO told, you will receive message to your mobile to collect the passports and then my wife and kid left the office.

In the evening, my wife has checked the status of the VISA online … the surprise news is…

My Kid’s visa status is - Issued

My wife’s visa status is - Administrative Processing

Is anyone have this kind of status, appriciate your response…

Good news!!! my wife’s VISA status has been changed to Issued on 21st, June, 2013 evening.

Congrats. Did you already have your H-1 visa stamped in the passport when they appeared for H-4 stamping?

No, my passport didn’t have h1 stamping. It has l1 stamping which was expired in last dec. I have h1 approved document with new i94.

Thanks naiduts for the reply.