H4 Visa stamping without H-1B Visa stamped on passport

I am a Sr. Consultant working in a Software company. I was working on L1B and my wife was on L2 visa.

My company has processed H-1b in COS and H4 for my wife last year in 2013. My H-1B & her H4 was processed successfully and we have approved petition docs.

My wife went to India and she has to come back now. I understand that she has to go for H4 Visa stamping before coming back to USA.

I do not have my H-1B Visa stamped on my passport but i have approved H-1B Petition and she has H4 approved petition. I can not go for visa stamping now.


Is there any risk sending dependent for H4 Visa stamping without having principal applicant stamping on passport ?

Please share your idea and experience.



It should be fine. Send her the relevant documents (your 797 approval, L-1, H-1 copies and other employer related documents).

If they ask about the beneficiary’s H-1 visa stamp, reply truthfully that he is in US on the basis of COS from L-1 to H-1.

Thanks Saurabh

Thanks for suggestions.
Would like to share that my wife went for H4 Visa stamping in Delhi consulate and she got H4 Visa stamped on her passport.

They have asked very few questions:

  1. Show me your husband Visa- supplied H1-B approved petition copies
  2. When did you get married
  3. Where is your baby born
  4. How long did you stay in US
  5. When are you planning to travel to US