H4 Visa Stamping : Principal applicant Offer letter not submitted

Today my wife went for H4 Visa Stamping at Delhi embassy . I had provided all the document like:

  • my original I-797 .
  • All previous I-797
    -6 months Salary slips
    -Bank statements
    -Visa application submitted to USCIS
    -Marriage Certificate
    -All previous Visa copies
    -My passport copies
    Somehow i missed attaching my US Employer offer letter.

Official collecting the document, asked for the offer letter

somehow i forgot to attach it.
[Question1] :Did anyone here faced this kind of situation and what’s the probability of RFE?
[Question 2] : Can i do anything proactively or just wait for the result to come out, if my wife is getting RFE?

You can wait for 221g and then submit the requested document.

Thank you Kalpesh, whats the probability of getting 221g ?

I don’t think there is much.