H4 Visa stamping issue


My wife entered in USA on H4 visa in Dec 2014 with me (I am having h1b visa) and she got her H1B petition approved in March 2017. But her employer did not pay her till now (from march 2017 to till date) and asked her to sign on leave of absence letter without pay .that time we were not aware of the out of status.

My wife’s H1B petition is valid till Sep 2019.

So I am planning to send her this week to India and to get H4 stamping.

I have the below questions. Kindly help me.

  1. If she travel to India and go for H4 stamping did they ask for my wife’s H1 payslips.

  2. Did they ask about out of status of my wife?

  3. what should she mention in DS-160 form for the question "have you ever been issued a US visa "?

When we came to US in Dec 2014, my wife had H4 stamping valid till June 2017. she got H1 approval notice I-797A which is valid from March 2017 to Sep 2019. Since my wife got H1 when she was in US, so there is no H1B visa stamping on her passport. So what should she mention for the question “have you ever been issued a US visa”?

NOTE ====>>> My H!B visa got renewed on June 2017 and got approved till 2020.

  1. also please tell me what should we mention in DS-160 form for the question "Previous employment " .

She worked in India till Nov 2014 and she came to US with me on H4 visa. On March 2017, she got H1B but she did not work here as her employer did not show any job instead asked her to send an email to employer for the leave of absence. So what should she mention, for previous employment.

Please reply me ASAP, so so urgent for us.