H4 Visa stamping in Mumbai after 7 years - Chances of rejection?


I am planning to go to India for my brothers wedding in Dec19. My husband has a H1 extension until 2021 (second extension).
I have a h4 EAD.
I and my husband have never been out
of status. We hv not been to India for the last 7 years. Also, my husband has changed his job and the last visa he has on his passport is from the old employer.

I have a US born daughter who might not be traveling with me. Do you think I might get rejected or get delayed due to admin processing?

It is very hard to give a generic answer that you will have issues. Everything depends on the case and job. As long as you have all info in proper order, you should be fine.
Just not being in country for 7 years does not make it difficult. All they care is role fitment, supporting documents, maybe details on if you were maintaining status in US all these years.

I have never been out of status
I have a FTE role with a company
I am on an h4 ead
My husband works with a company who has a direct project with the govt.
he has never been out of status
Just that he does not have a visa stamped on the passport after his job change.
All our paperwork is clear n legit

I know I will get approved just worried about the wait time

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I hv been reading all these posts and I’m super worried and confused as to why people’s cases are sent for administrative processing which takes months and months for a approval.

@Cyble85, do not worry. I can imagine your anxiety.
Based on what you have said, the case looks genuine and good…so, you should be fine.
I would suggest, stay positive and be confident. Read the petition well on what was filed, carry all documents, it will be fine. Good Luck !

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