H4 visa stamping in India

I have a valid H1B visa stamped and currently working in the USA, Is it possible for my spouse to process a new H4 visa right now in India?


Recently Applied for H4 Extension with Interview Waiver (Drop Box) option. Hyderabad Consulate Normal appointment only .

Principal applicant in USA now.
Spouse eligible for drop box ( New Eligibility: in general your visa expired in last 12 months and applying for same visa, then eligible for Drop box, but now expiration time extended to 24 months and this is applicable till December 2020).

Completed DS 160.

Visa Schedule (https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=India)

Visa Schedule(Drop box appointment) Tried multiple times to get time slot, finally able to get it.
Note: I tried multiple times like (paid visa fee and followed as instructed.initially i did not get option for interview waiver option but i would suggest you guys keep trying from the starting when you are trying to schedule appointment. (means lets say when you tried first time to schedule some how you did not get any slots and when you re login, in general we see option on the top as “Continue” so please avoid that instead start from beginning.

Got Appointment on September 8th 2020.
Spouse(applicant) did not go to Consulate to drop the documents in stead we sent relative this worked.( i called multiple consulates in India and sent mails to embassy :support-india@ustraveldocs.com.
just to confirm that any one can go on behalf of applicant, so any one can drop documents all they need is person who is going to embassy should have valid Government id poof, no need to give letter to designate some one.)

9th September 2020 : Application Received.
10th September 2020 : Administrative Process.
11th September 2020 : Issued.
16th September 2020 : got the passport to home (opted for premium home delivery)

Hope this helps.