H4 Visa Stamping for government employee without NOC

I am currently in H1B Visa and in US and my wife want to join me here for 2-3 months. She is working in Central government banking sector and have an experience of only 2 years she cannot take sabbatical leave. So she may not get NOC from the employer. Is it recommend if she can go on H4 Stamping without NOC or what all alternative are available.

If I am in your shoes, I will secure the legal condition which says that she is not allowed to get an NOC.

Then I will write a nice letter saying that due to the legal restriction, I cant get a NOC, Thats why I am not able to produce one" and try my luck.

From US legal rules point of view, they may not care much about NOC from Indian Govt for H4 visa(since its a visa out of courtesy.