H4 Visa Stamping for future dates

Hi, I’m in US and my spouse is in India. She has a valid H4 visa till current year ending. Now my H1B extension is approved, can she go for interview now with my future I-797 document and her visa stamped. or we should go to visa stamping only once the current visa validity is over? Any suggestions on this scenario.


I dont have a direct answer to the questions, but trying to understand how you came up with these questions.

If she is traveling this year, she can use the current visa, else she can wait for the things to be sorted out( I mean this COVID things to be settled), and do the stamping next year.

Hi Sarath,

Thankyou for response. Instead of applying for H4 extension after her arrival here, it will be good if she get her visa stamped there for longer term right. So am not sure if she can go for a visa interview again with out expiring the existing one.

if she is eligible for dropbox go for it. if she needs an interview forget about it, deal with it next time. Appointments are not easy to get.