H4 Visa Stamping and COS


I recently changed my status from F1 to H4 and also have the H4 EAD approved starting 11/25.

The last I travelled to my home country (India) was in June 2014 and when there I did a H4 stamping which is valid until September 2017. But this is with my husband’s last company and he has a new I797 now.

I want to travel to India in the upcoming weeks and unfortunately I do not have any appointments to get a new H4 visa stamping with my husband’s new I797. Is it possible I travel out and come back using my previously stamped H4 visa on my passport? Or is it necessary that I have to do the stamping to enter inside?

Any helpful responses appreciated.



In general, you dont need new H4 visa stamped into your passport to travel, as your spouse is already having a valid H1 visa(even with the new employer).

Technically, your H4 visa stamping is valid to its date, as long as your spouse is with valid H1 visa. But in the rare cases, the officer may insist for your new H4 stamping for the new H1 of your spouse(this is not the legal constraint but it depends up on your luck). If I am you, I will proceed to travel with the existing H4 visa and new H1 documents.