H4 Visa Question


My fiance is in India and we plan to get married in few months. The issue is she has applied for US visa (B1/B2) twice in the past and for some reason it was rejected both the times. This was almost 2 years back and it was to visit her sister who happens to live in US for quite some time. My question is will this be an issue at the time of H4 visa process? I know that H4 is one of the easiest visa to get but still a little skeptical about it. Also is form I-134 mandatory nowadays? If yes, what is the process related to it, does it only needs to be filled and signed by the sponsor before presenting it at the time of interview?


H-4 should not be a problem. She must truthfully declare the previous rejection in DS160 and the fact that her sister lives in the US. Form 1-134 is an affidavit of financial support and you are right- it is not a commonly used form these days.