H4 visa interview questions on leaving the job before applying for visa

Hi Saurabh,

I am Ripsy . I have applied for H4 visa along with my 4 year old daughter in Feb '13.

I was working earlier and i resigned my job in November’12 to look after my daughter. Will the VO question me on why i resigned so early. What answer should i give.

Can i answer that i want to join my husband in USA ? This will again create a question as to why i applied so late / why i didnt joined my husband earlier. What is the appropriate answer ?

Also on being asked why i didnt go for stamping along with my husband, whta should i answer ? That time we wanted him to get the visa first. So i dnt apply for the same.

Please reply at the eraliest as i will get my interview date in this week.

Thanks and Regards,

Ripsy D’costa

The VO is not going to ask you any such questions. But, in case his line of questioning verge towards these topics, some simple answers would be

	I had to spend some time with my parents and in-laws before moving to US.

	There are no financial constraints, so I could afford to stop working much earlier.

	I didn't want to come in extreme winter as my daughter has never been to such cold waether.