H4 visa got 221g

My wife got 221g to submit NIE for the primary applicant. Primary applicant (H1 holder) NIE request denied. So if primary applicant travel to US via mexico. How does we can clear 221 g?

You can travel (with a valid US visa) to the US via 3rd country after being in the 3rd country for at least 14 days. Any person coming into the United States must obtain a negative COVID-19 test no more than three days before flying back to the U.S. This mandatory test applies to fully vaccinated travelers. Recovered COVID-19 patients can waive the mandatory test by showing documentation of a recovery from the last 90 days.

How my wife will travel since she has a document saying need to submit nIE for further processing

Check your question. You only asked how primary can travel :slight_smile:
Your wife needs visa to travel to the US. If she has one you both can travel via 3rd country after staying there for 14 days.

Hi, I had my visa interview at Mumbai Consulate on June 25 for H4 visa. The VO asked me a few questions and did not ask for any documets except the I797. And at the end of it he issues me a white slip stating that the additional administrative processing is required and kept my passport. I am now confused that how much time it is going to take and what is going to be the next process. Need a clarity on this.

Good part is that they kept your passport so my guess is they may eventually issue the visa once whatever processing they need to do is completed. It may take few days to few weeks before you get your passport back with the visa stamped.

@RAVI_KIRAN2 : I am in the same situation as yours but my employer may not even file for NIE. I am aware that I can travel to US via another country but since my wife has 221g do I have to apply for a fresh H-4 visa again? Once I reach US can I file a visa request for her under family separation?

Appreciate your feedback on this!

@RAVI_KIRAN2 My wife and I are in the same situation. Could you please advise how your wife got her H4 visa?

I travelled to mexico and then to us. After reaching us submitted NIE letter for my spouse based on family separation and explained initial 221g . New Delhi embassy accepted and got her visa

Hi @RAVI_KIRAN2 : I’m trying to go to the USA via a third country also. Am currently in the Maldives and will be reaching USA early next week. What exactly are the steps that you followed once you reached the USA? You applied for an NIE for your spouse without her having her H4 visa?

Yes. When we went for her First time stamping we got 221 g to submit My NIE. After denial of my request from embassy somehow I came to United States and applied NIE and approval to submit her passport for stamping.


Hi Ravi,

Thank you so much for your reply! Is there a way I can speak with you in person and get examples from you about how to apply for NIE and for passport submission approval?


Hi Ravi,

I am in the same situation as yours and I am traveling to US via Mexico now. Could you please let me know the format that you used to submit NIE request for your spouse? Should I be requesting or should she request for NIE herself based on family separation case ?


Hi @devavratrk ,

I am in the same situation as yours, could you please let me know the format for requesting nie for spouse with 221g?


The following details can be submitted to apply for an NIE –

Last name
First name
Date of birth
Place of birth
Country of citizenship
Passport number
Stamped Visa Number & type
Planned travel dates, preferably with itinerary and copy of flight tickets
Purpose of travel – explain situation in detail including details about work, family separation, details of minor children who may be US citizens, etc.
Contact information, both in the US as well as in home country including phone numbers, emails, etc.
If approved, you will receive an email from the US Embassy with an NIE approval notice in your inbox. This will include dates of travel.