H4 visa extension process and cos from h4-h1

Hi Friends,

                My husband's employer applied for my H4 visa extension and his H1B visa extension.

our visa are expiring on 3rd sept 2013.

situation is : 1. his employer has given only one reciept no for his H1B visa extension and when we asked , they said, for h4 , there is no reciept no ,when they apply for both visa extension, when its gets approved, for h4, we will get hard copy in mail. and when they apply together, both visa got extended at same time and their i94 come with extended date. it can happen that they have applied in premium so first my husband’s visa got extend and then for h4 visa, later after some days they will approve. this information is true or not?

  1. if this the case, then i have applied for COS h4-h1 this year , and my h1b process is in initial review. i want to get approval for h1b, so this extension how will affect the h1b process, i will get the approval or not?