H4 VISA Emergency Appointment Process India

To expedite the H4 VISA. Can you please tell me the procedure. I tried couple of times as below, but no help.

Step1: We sent a mail to support@ustraveldocs.com and got reply.
Step2: Replied to the same mail with below documents
* Passport
* Appointment confirmation
* DS160 confirmation page (need to take print)
* Form I-797 (H-1B approval notice)
Step3: tried to schedule the appointment. Could not able to find the available slot
(Note: Sep 2020 and Feb 2021 dates are available). It showing as “There are
currently no appointments available. Please press the back button and choose
a new OFC appointment Date”.

Could you please help on it -
1.how can we schedule regular appointment?
2.Can we expedite it as part of family separation clause ( without regular scheduling).

Unfortunately, there is no other process, other than you wait for slots to open and you book one. Or they open the slots for you.

Once any dates open, then you can book one and later request for EA.

  1. Wait for dates and book. they change every two weeks.
  2. Yes, if spouse is in US.